Hard as a Diamond...

... and just as cold

Emma Frost


January 10th, 2011


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July 9th, 2010


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The Phoenix is death and life, contradictions, and although Emma knows this in her mind she forgets.

She's forgotten before after all; it's why she's pregnant.

She's technically been pregnant for nine months now. A normal human would have given birth but Emma isn't human and isn't normal. The baby (Katherine Anne Frost, it has a name and a face after all the ultrasounds) isn't normal.

Kicking and hurting and pushing as if she needs to come into the world quickly to help.

"Hank...?" She's promised others to care for herself and forgets about the promises in the light of her own happiness. Phoebe is the one who is forgotten as well as her other "girls" -- Christian is right of course.

Emma only remembers her own unborn daughter and not the ones she already has in her life.

"Emma? What's the matter?" Hank moves about and helps the former (current?) White Queen into the medical lab, soft paws comforting as he lays Emma down.

now I lay me down to sleep I pray the Phoenix my soul to...

"...deep, but I believe we can help the baby," Hank finishes, a sentence Emma never quite understands.

"Katherine. The baby has a name."

"What happened?"

Oh, how to answer that question. Mike is dead. Illyana killed Mike. Dead, death, suffering, pain, the loss of a child and Scott doesn't know about it yet. For months, Emma has been trying to save Mike on her own only to be told there is nothing to fear. She is the Great Mother. She should rest. The rest of the team is in place and can handle the situation.

Mike brought Emma back to life. The Phoenix is still within her, partly, so perhaps she can do the same for him...? Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps...

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Muse: Emma Frost
Fandom: X-Men
Word Count: 814

April 5th, 2010

Get Out

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Christian stared at his sister with a grin on his face. "Get out!"

Emma blinked her eyes once, furrowing her brow. "No, I'm afraid I'm quite serious. I'm pregnant." She felt herself enveloped in the warmth of a hug that she returned, still unsure as to why she'd revealed to Christian the truth finally. Perhaps it was because she was going to start showing soon?

Perhaps because she wouldn't?

"This... really, Ems? This is great news. I'm so happy for you. Well, you and Scott, right?"

She cleared her throat before sipping more decaffeinated tea. "Not exactly." After the confused look from her brother, Emma explained to him carefully about the riot concerning Proposition X, about the Phoenix which actually was the one responsible for creating the life itself, for Scott's willingness to raise the child as his own, for Mike's current insanity and how she blamed herself entirely for it...

How she felt at a loss for most things these days, but her students - oh, her students! - had rallied and made her proud.

Christian sat, taking it all in, and just nodded once before saying, "You think you'll be like Mom."


"That's what the real problem is, not Scott, not thinking the kid's going to be a freak since... well, look at you and me. The only sane ones in the whole Frost family." Christian's gentle smile was accompanied by a hand on her shoulder, massaging the tension out. "You have to think back, Ems. You have to remember Mom the way that she was, back before she found out about the affairs, back before she was hooked on the prescription drugs. Back when she was just Mom."

Emma simply shook her head. "I've no idea what you're talking of, Christian. There are important things to be done right now, things that could tear apart the world, and--"

"And you don't have to be the one doing them all the time. That Bruce Wayne guy is right when he told you that." Emma winced. She hadn't told anyone else about Bruce's advice, not even Scott. She wanted Scott as well as everyone else in the whole damn world to see her as a strong, unbreakable woman. A leader. Someone who could cope easily in a crisis, someone who would save Mike from himself - herself now that he was Madelyne Pryor somehow? - someone who...



Condemning my true nature, I stood outside of myself... Conditioning is what made me lose sight of myself )

Muse: Emma Frost
Fandom: X-Men
Word Count: 780
OOC Note: This prompt reply is based off RP, not comic-canon, and is dedicated to the mun's late mother. Lyrics from Mother by Cyndi Lauper.

September 9th, 2009

What I'll Do When I'm Not Dead

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Make Your Own List

1. Go shopping.
2. Have sex with Scott.
3. Tell Phoebe and my other girls I love them.
4. Thank Mike for bringing me back.
5. Throw a bloody party.
6. Have sex with Scott.
7. Have sex with Scott.
8. Have sex with Scott.
9. Have sex with Scott.
10. Figure out exactly what the Phoenix wants with me.

Emma Frost

May 22nd, 2009

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January 20th, 2009

Ten Family Disasters

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1. I killed my sister. Well, I suppose that's not entirely a disaster depending on the point of view. My father, of course, would be horrified to learn of it, not that I entirely care.
2. My mother became addicted to prescription drugs to the point that it was impossible to communicate with her.
3. My brother tried to commit suicide.
4. He was then institutionalized by my father simply because Father hated homosexuals.
5. I was held for ransom by kidnappers, and Father refused to pay the money.
6. My other sister, Cordelia, attempted to use her powers to become the next White Queen after my eldest sister failed to do so, and in the process, people died.
7. I discovered I had hundreds of cloned "daughters" who were all murdered by the Phoenix Force in order to save the world.
8. The last three daughters, my Cuckoos, lost all ability to process emotions in order to complete the above task. They no longer consider me their mother.
9. Anything dealing with Scott and his family is a disaster, especially Rachel lately.
10. Not killing my sister sooner or for that matter, not killing Father so I could save Christian.

Emma Frost

December 27th, 2008

Ten People You're Most Thankful For

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1. Scott Summers
2. Scott Summers
3. Scott Summers
4. Scott Summers
5. Scott Summers
6. Scott Summers
7. Scott Summers
8. Scott Summers
9. Scott Summers
10. Hank McCoy

What? I enjoy tea with Hank quite often, I'll have you know.

Emma Frost

October 16th, 2008

Ten Most Memorable Kisses

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1. Ian Kendall, before he discovered I was a mutant.
2. Tony Stark, before I was involved with anyone.
3. Sebastian Shaw, before I left the Hellfire Club.
4. Troy Killkelly, before he died due to my actions.
5. Magnus, while he was the White King.
6. Scott Summers, standing over Jean Grey's grave.
7. Logan, who was actually Scott as I toyed with his mind.
8. Kitty Pryde, as I said good-bye to her before she sacrificed herself.
9. Sean Cassidy, a small peck on the cheek, before he died.
10. And Scott once more, while the Phoenix had taken over my body and we were trapped within Hank's device to contain the force. Then again, we did more than simply kiss there...

Emma Frost

September 22nd, 2008

Colors your hair has been

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1. I've always been blonde, but the shade does vary. At times, it's been more golden than others.
2. Other times, it has appeared more of a white-blonde. As I said, it depends, mainly on my mood.
3. And, of course, I am a natural brunette, but no one needs to know this.
4. As a telepath, though, I can make others believe my hair to be another color such as the times that I dressed up in Jean Grey's skin for Scott and was a redhead.

Emma Frost

August 5th, 2008

Ten Mistakes You've Made That You Wish You Could Undo

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1. Kitty Pryde
2. Angelica Jones
3. Perfection
4. Not killing Cassandra Nova as I thought I had
5. The Stepford Cuckoos and all my daughters losing their lives and souls to the Phoenix
6. Kitty Pryde
7. Kitty Pryde
8. Kitty Pryde
9. Kitty Pryde
[Locked from Scott Summers]
10. Every moment that I hurt Scott.

Emma Frost

July 28th, 2008

A list of reasons you're holding back

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1. I love him.
2. He loves me.
3. That has never worked out for me before, try as I have in the past.
4. I've sworn never to marry.
5. I still have to avenge my daughters, and he has lost his son.
6. Kitty's loss is a fresh wound for us all.
7. Xavier's betrayal.

Emma Frost
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